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Handloom fabric when worn with taste gives an aura of August grandeur. No one knows this better than the women of Kerala. To a large measure, a woman's wardrobe of handwoven wear is defined by her social status, age and individual taste. Usually senior citizens keep 'jeri' to a bare minimum and prefer karas of sober colours with conventional designs like Puliyalakara etc.

However it is not rare to find her in Mundu and Neriyethu with heavy jeri work at a function like marriage or a temple festival. The youngsters generally prefer flowing single piece sarees with pallus of brightly coloured yarn, interspaced with runs or floral designs dressings of jeri.

Tissue sarees are heavily jeried at the pallus with colse strands of jeri in the main weave itself. She chooses the jeri work, karas and colours to suit the occasion or the event she aims to grace.

Of course, the range of material she can choose from is almost limitless.Karalkada stocks and procures to cater to all combinations that a woman's whims can dream up.Handwoven sarees and set mundus worn for the wedding are preserved by brides for a life time.And now, Karalkdada provides exquisite clothing material for her to stitch stylish modern dresses of her taste and choice.