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In Kerala, the land of fabled handloom finery, the dress material was unbleached cotton from the beginning of recorded history. Weavers lived in communal villages, each with its distinctive style and variety, which evolved independently under the Master weaver of each village. These villages, because of their remoteness and far apart locations gave birth to an exciting range of techniques, texture, design and other weaving configurations. However, there was one thing in common - the looms they worked on were almost identical. It can sbe said that the history of organised trading practice of handloom fabric in Kerala is the history of Karalkada itself.

Renaissance of Tradition

The major religious groups of Kerala are the Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Each group has its specialized traditional handloom wear such as Mundu & Neriyathu, Pudava, Kavani, Thattom, Kachamuri etc. Present day youngsters, especially in their teens and twenties have rediscovered the traditional values of handloom, along with the charm and grace of a culture. The youth have turned to wearing elegant Set Mundus and Neiryathu as well as dhothies and kurthas.